Daughter of Sin, Salt, and Iron

Daughter of Sin, Salt, and Iron is a dark fantasy novel aimed at an adult readership with a prospective word-count of at least 60,000 words.

The story  of Daughter of Sin, Salt, and Iron takes place a century after the unification of Okaigo—a country ravaged by civil war—under the house of the esteemed Toma clan.

Summary: Chiasa Toma, an illegitimate noble girl and Haiage, a family slave with supernatural inclinations, are forced to go on the run after the sins of the Toma clan come back to haunt them.

The main players

Chiasa Toma is a bastard noble girl on the edge of womanhood trying to find her place in a society that would rather see her dead.

Haiage “The Spitviper” is a man of mystery, slave of the Toma clan, and property of the crown; a caged creature eager to bite onto the humanity lost to him.

Lady Eiko Toma is the matriarch of the Toma clan, a proud, war-forged woman who is always aiming to preserve the prestige of her family; she protects her bastard granddaughter with the hope that it may lift the weight of her sins.

Featured artwork by: http://artcobain.deviantart.com/

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