About the Blogger


Call me Erika. I’m a baby-faced twenty year old aspiring author, self-proclaimed queen of procrastination, and proud owner of this lame blog ; a Venezuelan girl residing in the state of Georgia.

     I have a love affair with geeky things. I enjoy books, movies, music, anime, TV shows and can often be found rotting my brain away on Netflix.  My other interests include: fashion, makeup. philosophy, graphic design, and photography. I’m also a firm supporter of LGBTQA, animal, and human rights.

About Books and Writing

   Science fiction, horror, suspense/thrillers and fantasy are my favorite genres to read and coincidentally, the genres that I write in. Did I mention that I write? Yes, let me talk about my writing.

You won’t usually find my stories set in contemporary settings and even when they are, there will usually be a fantastical element within them.  You can blame my dreamy brain for that.

My current work in progress is Daughter of Sin, Salt, and Iron. I don’t know where it’s heading, but I’m sure it’s going to be one hell of a ride, and I encourage you to follow me as I detail the journey in this blog.camp-nanowrimo-2013-winner-campfire-circle-badge

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